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How Do I?


Residents and tax-paying non-residents of the Lindenhurst School District are entitled to a library card. You must present one form of ID with name and proof of address such as a driver's license, car registration, insurance card, utility bill, tax bill or property ownership bill or legitimate correspondence (examples: bank statement, credit card statement, medical statement, etc.)

Residents and tax-paying non-residents of the Lindenhurst School District parents/guardians who would like to apply for a card for their children must present one of the same required IDs.

Library cards expire every three years. Any questions please contact the Circulation Desk, (631) 975-7755. You can apply for a temporary card online here, but you must visit the library within the next 30 days to complete registration.


Click here to access the library online catalog.


Available: The item should be on the shelf. 

Recent Return: The item was returned in the last 24 hours, and should be available. 

Date:  If there is a date shown under the status, that means that the item is not available because it is checked out and due back on that date.

On Holdshelf: The item is not available because a patron requested it and it is awaiting pick up. 

In Transit: The item is not available because it being shipped either to or from another library.

In Process: This item is not available because it is a new material that is being prepared for public use. 

Off Campus: This item is not available because is being borrowed by a Nassau County Library. 


Request these items by:

1. Clicking on Request

2. Type the barcode from your library card.

3. Type in your password/pin

4. Select your Pickup Location

5. Click on SUBMIT. A message should appear saying the request was successful.


When the item is ready for pickup we will contact you using the phone number or email address you provided to us.


First time online library account users will need to create a password before they are able to use the features of your online library account. From the MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT screen accessed from the catalog, click on "Create a Password". Once you enter your library card barcode, a password creation link will be sent to the email address that is in your library account. If you do not have an email in your library account, please contact us.

If you have forgotten your Password, or if you are having trouble logging in please come in to see a librarian.


If you find an item in our catalog that has a due date, is on the holdshelf, is in transit, in process, or off campus that means the item is not available. 

To Request this item:

1. Click on Request

2. Type the barcode from your library card.

3. Type in your password/pin

4. Select your Pickup Location.

5. Click on SUBMIT. A message should appear saying the request was successful. 

When the item is available we will contact you using the phone number or email address provided to us. If any error messages or problems placing a request occur, please contact a librarian at the Reference Desk (631) 957-7755.


When you check out library items, the library clerk will give you a slip with your due dates. If you have forgotten your due date, login to your library account.

Loan Periods

Patrons may borrow materials according to the following loan periods:

New feature film DVDs and Museum Passes circulate for 3 days.

New Fiction books, periodicals, feature films, compact discs, Launchpads, auto repair manuals and test preparation books circulate for a period of  7 days.

Books, non- fiction DVDs, Inter-Library Loans (ILL) (to/from non-SCLS libraries) and multimedia kits circulate for a period of 21 days.

ILL from other Partnership of Automated Libraries in Suffolk (PALS) adhere to the Lending Library’s loan and renewal period, and overdue charges, according to PALS policy.

E-books circulate for specified loan periods determined by the different e-book providers (Overdrive, 3M). Library patrons have the ability to choose the loan period that suits their individual needs.

E-books are returned automatically at the end of the chosen loan period.

Reference books and current issues of periodicals are for in library use only.



2. Type in the barcode found on the back of your library card.

3. Type in your PASSWORD/PIN. If this is the first time you are using this feature, you need to create a PASSWORD/PIN (4-8 letters, numbers or a combination of both). Choose something that you will be able to remember for future visits.

4. Click on LOGIN.

5. The screen will open showing information regarding your account. There will be a listing of all your checked-out materials.

6. Click the box(es) of the items to be renewed.

7. Scroll down and click on RENEW SELECTED or RENEW ALL

8. Scroll back up to verify that the due dates have changed.

Items overdue or on hold by other patrons cannot be renewed. Lindenhurst Memorial Library materials can be renewed up to 5 times. Renewal policies vary from library to library.


If any error messages or problems placing a request occur, please contact the Circulation Desk (631-957-7755)



Your library account will show what items you have out, and how much money own. You can pay your fines online, or in person cash or credit card. If you have lost a library material, please come into the library and speak with the circulation desk.

Pay Your Fines Online:

1. Login to your library account.

2. Select the amount in unpaid fines and bills.

3. Select "PAY ONLINE".

4. Select the fines that you wish to pay, complete all of the relevant information and click submit.


Fines for overdue items vary depending on what type of item it is and which library you have borrowed the item from. If you have an overdue book the fine is typically, 5¢ a day. To find out how much you owe, please login to your Library Account or call the library.


Click here to access our research page. The research page is broken down by subject, and directs you to suggested databases.


To register online click on the Online Calendar of Events. This calendar is found on the library catalog under "More Searches". All programs at the library are free unless otherwise noted. You must register in person for programs with a fee.

Please note: It's your responsibility to remember the date and time of the program. Please go to the Circulation Desk to get tickets for entertainment programs. A Lindenhurst Memorial Library card must be presented in order to get tickets or register.

Children's Programs: A Lindenhurst Memorial Library card must be presented in order to register for, or participate in any children's program. Registration for programs takes place at the Circulation Desk.


Any questions please contact the Circulation Desk (631) 957-7755



Free museum passes are available to Lindenhurst Memorial Library cardholders in good standing, with cards that have not expired, and who owe less than $10 in fees.  Reservation can be made up to two months in advance by phone, online or in person at the Library. 

To reserve a Museum Pass online click here. Please call a librarian at the Reference Desk (631) 957-7755) for additional information.

Printing from the library computers

Black and white copies are 10 cents per page. Color copies are 50 cents per page. Cash only.

Printing From Anywhere

Using Printeron you can print to the library printers from our wireless network, from your home, or from your mobile device. Black and white copies are 10 cents per page. Color copies are 50 cents per page. Cash only. (Instructions)


The Library offers a large variety of digital content to our patrons that is available right from your computer. Scroll down to browse & download content from our collection of audio books, streaming films, music & books.

Please Note:

  • You will need your library card number and library account password to use the sites below.
  • Make sure your library card has an email address on file and a password. To do this please, login to your Library Account.
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To request a meeting room, you must submit an application at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting. Bookings may be made in person or by telephone, but they are not considered approved until the application form has been signed by the Library Director or Assistant Director and returned to the applicant.
Approved applicants must notify the Library of cancellations in advance (at least 48 hours for groups using the Large Meeting Room). Failure to do so may result in the loss of meeting room privileges.
The Library reserves the right to assign rooms according to space requirements. Meeting rooms may be booked no more than 3 months in advance from the current date, and may be used no more than once a week within the three month time frame by any group or organization. The Library may limit the number or length of meetings from groups and individuals outside the service area of Lindenhurst Memorial Library.
Meeting rooms are available 9:00 am – 8:30 pm, Monday through Thursday; 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Fridays; and 9:00 am – 4:30 pm on Saturdays. Meeting rooms are not available on Sundays. 


Click here to see our Internet Policy


Yes, Monday – Friday from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. Please call before coming in. Most banks, and the Lindenhurst Village Hall, also provide this service.